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Everything in 2's

They can take our space, but they can never take our freedom!
So I have a friend that reads my blogs and tends to weigh in with a critical eye.  If you translate that, she complains a lot.  I so appreciate that she not only reads my ramblings but also gives me a lot to think about.  Last night was especially good.  So good, in fact, that I am dedicating an entire blog to her cruel and unnecessary criticism.

She pointed out that it was super annoying that I put two spaces after every period.  Like so annoying she wanted to throw things.
It blew my mind.
When did this freaking change?  Am I elderly?  What is happening?  It sent me on a research mission and here is what I found:  Nothing makes a person more obviously over 40 than using two spaces after a period.  
In a really strange combination of security in my age and embarrassment that I am dumb I dug deeper.  I mean was I really turning people away with my two step shuffle?  Am I older than I realize?  Why is the world spinning?  T…

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