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Garmin Alpha Review: Still the top dog?

A review of the Garmin Alpha 100 dog tracker
The underdogs and I like to go places.  Remote places...places no man has gone before.  At least no man not wearing blaze orange.  This means being prepared for the unknown.  The unexpected.  The lost.  This means gps tracking.

The Garmin Alpha is the Thundarr Barbarian of the dog tracking world.  Rugged, a little rough around the edges but the technology it wields may just bring peace in a post apocalyptic world.  This thing opens doors just not possible prior to owning it , and does so while sweating testosterone.  Yeah, I like it just fine.
As a reminder, my reviews are not technical specs or full of scientific testing.  My reviews are about how any given product may fit into or enhance the life of a mid-life fool like me.  There may be a few like-minded souls out there.  The wise ones, I call them.  Those who know to really disconnect, you need* technology.   Those of us battling mortality can often take solace in the distraction of ou…

The Faster Way to becoming a Sith Lord

Intermittent Fasting, Activate! Form of an ice cube.  Shape of, a stray old dog that is really hungry and wants to bite everyone.

Yes, I am back for another try. This time I feel faster. I think I finally found an approach I might be able to live with. This might just work...but before I dive into the details, let's talk again about why I am even doing this.  
Firstly, and most important by far...fasting excites the midichlorians. It is scientifically proven that the true path to my Sith goals are squarely tied to my midichlorian count, and fasting increases those.  You can't argue with me, I am nearly a Sith Lord and I will only strike you down.
Science tends to frown upon the ways of the Force. They will tell you fasting enhances mitochondrial coordination with peroxisomes.  That basically means my powers will increase. Look at what it did for Phil Mickelson.  No, he hasn't really won any tournaments lately, but he did post shirtless photos on Instagram and let's be…

Review of the 7Artisans 55mm 1.4 Lens

The Pocket Rocket This is not the greatest review in the world.  No, this is just a tribute.

Review disclaimer:  Review is from a middle-aged road warrior and applies only to how this product fits in with his legion of followers*
When you invest in an interchangeable lens camera system you quickly realize it is a crazy expensive hobby.  You begin to sell things to fund your obsession for just one...more...focal length.  This goes on for a while until you finally realize two things:
1.  You are not a professional and if you were you would likely hate photography...and  2.  You are middle-aged, facing mortality and start to realize the importance of getting the most bang for your buck in every decision.
This little gem packs an awful lot of bang for the buck.

As I have covered in countless other blogs (countless means two), I am pretty well entrenched in the Fujifilm ecosystem.  Part of the appeal of Fuji is they make arguably some of the best glass (lenses) in the entire solar system.…

Fuji X-H1 Review. A brawny masterpiece?

The rebirth of a legend?

WARNING:   Gear review.  If you are here for the cheese and not interested in the Fuji X-H1 you might want to skip this one.

DISCLAIMER, FINE PRINT, and ADVANCED APOLOGIES:  My reviews are not about stats, numbers, or technical specifications.  There are hundreds of such places for that information and most are regurgitating the same information in different words with a slightly different opinion.  No, my reviews and impressions are always from the standpoint of an avid outdoorsman surviving middle age and how the product may or may not make sense to me.  Whew!  Glad that is out of the way!

Is that image above seriously a cheap hundred dollar lens on a 2400 dollar camera?  Is this review completely discredited before it even starts?  Why yes!  Yes it is!  In fact nothing I have said so far is even remotely accurate in October, 2019.  But it was.  Oh, but it was...

I have covered my passion for Fuji in an earlier blog and feel free to visit that to understand w…

Rockin around the clock

Do I even have a way to play cds?

So I just ordered and delivered a CD player for my son.

No, I wasn't boomin*.

He actually asked for a cd player.  Apparently he has been shopping old time record stores and started to build a cd collection.  You know...the same thing we did like three decades ago.

I love it.

I was a beta tester for nearly every streaming music service ever formed.  Don't get me wrong, streaming music was life changing for me.  I am nothing if not cutting edge...even in my boomin ways.  That said, my son wanted a cd player.  I walked a little bit taller today.  To let him filter through my library of hundreds of cd's...well, I felt like a sort of god.  It also reminded me just how glorious the physical media really is.  The inserts.  The photos.  The lyrics.  Actually fondling this physical object in unhealthy ways.  I felt so connected to it all.  Do I even have a CD player for all of these cd's?  I need to head to Amazon.  I need a CD player.  I was …

A funny thing happened on the car ride....

Should I neuter my dog?

I dropped off Obi. He had his noodicles. I picked up Obi. He has no noodicles.

The whole neutering topic has changed an awful lot the past few years, in case you haven't been paying attention. Honestly I just hate doing it. My wife says stop thinking like a guy. Stop projecting. 

Look, I have a soft outlook. My friends are mostly women. No one accuses me of thinking like a guy. I am not projecting, I am sympathizing. It is so different. Look, I am all about the science. That and I can't help but think of it being me. I. Must. Project. So why is the topic of neutering your dog such a big deal? Everyone does it at six months. No down side. Stop overthinking it. Well...I would say to you stop under thinking it. Recent research shows that testosterone plays a very critical role in telling the body when to stop growing. In other words, dogs neutered at six months may grow fractionally taller than they would have.

Who cares?

 I care…

Hunger strike

Intermittent fasting. I am hungry just thinking about it.

So.  Much.  Suffering.  And it is coming up on this road to nowhere.  By all accounts there is some solid science around the whole idea of starving yourself.  Sound fun?  Let’s see where this goes.

So a few months back I decided to experiment with intermittent fasting.  I mean it feels a little bit like a cure-all.  A way to turn back the clock.  A way to cleanse that bruised liver.  A way to be twenty one years old forever!

Fasting is hard.  Like seriously hard.

Still, I need to make this work.  We were trying it as a team and it held promise but like all things that are hard, we bailed.  I deleted the fasting app which is sort of the death sentence for my latest "fix my life" plan.  Perhaps I was hasty.

I plan to start one  tonight.  See, I have many reasons to do this.  It worked for Phil Mickelson and he is my age.  Dude dropped like 10 percent body fat and looked at least 4 weeks younger.  I need thi…

Coming Into Focus

Who would use a camera in 2019? 
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Considering how important my words are that is saying a lot.  Then again I am spending a lot of words without really saying anything so now I am just really confusing myself.  On to the topic at hand.  Time to go back to the future.

People often ask me why on earth I buy cameras in 2019.  By often, I mean someone asked me once.

Seriously.  Who uses big giant cameras today?

It is a fair question.

It really is amazing what the phones can do with photography the past few years and in particular the latest generation.  There is little doubt that the phones can probably replicate the vast majority of photos taken and be an awful lot more convenient in doing so.  Computational logic in the software can pretty much handle the technical aspects better than a human being and fill in the gaps to make up for any shortcomings in size of sensor or lenses.  Point it, shoot it.  In particular if you primarily post photo…

Parents Weekend

A field trip for middle-aged folk.

So parents weekend happened.  A pretty solid reminder you are a solidly middle-aged.  Then again waking up in the morning is a pretty decent reminder I am pretty typical of every other day if I am being honest.  On that note, when did college kids start looking like they were twelve years old?  I mean was there a day in my life where suddenly everyone was younger than me.  Like way younger?  I am pretty sure it happened on some random overnight or surely I would have seen it coming.

Still, the weekend was a cool experience and an amazing college.  I have one at a university and one at a private college.  I am absolutely blown away by the contrast between them.  I am not even saying one route is better than the other.  Totally depends on the person.  I can't help but feel awed by the effort the smaller school makes to include and support each student.  From the day we moved him in and the students themselves moved him into the dorm, to t…

The Nest: so much empty

Navigating the ages.  The middle ones.Yes, that was painful to type.

So you managed to sniff out this blog.  I am sorry.  I mean, seriously...I am so sorry!  What is it?  Who is it for?  Why are you still reading this?

So let's say for a minute your life was a season and you took a glance around and noticed leaves were falling?  I mean something has seriously happened here when you weren't looking.  Body sag factor is threat level orange.  You are officially fighting time my good friend.  You are officially on the clock.

I did the math.  The road ahead is shorter than the road behind.

Ok Slumpty Dumpty, let’s take inventory.  That mirror is a cruel companion.  It tells a story.  That story is "dude, what happened to you?  Your life must have been hard!".  It has a lot of pages that mirror story.  A lot of really wrinkled pages with strange blemishes.

Maybe, just maybe, you throw on some tunes, look out the window, take inventory and suddenly realized you had the u…