Hunger strike

Intermittent fasting.

I am hungry just thinking about it.

So.  Much.  Suffering.  And it is coming up on this road to nowhere.  By all accounts there is some solid science around the whole idea of starving yourself.  Sound fun?  Let’s see where this goes.

So a few months back I decided to experiment with intermittent fasting.  I mean it feels a little bit like a cure-all.  A way to turn back the clock.  A way to cleanse that bruised liver.  A way to be twenty one years old forever!

Fasting is hard.  Like seriously hard.

Still, I need to make this work.  We were trying it as a team and it held promise but like all things that are hard, we bailed.  I deleted the fasting app which is sort of the death sentence for my latest "fix my life" plan.  Perhaps I was hasty.

I plan to start one  tonight.  See, I have many reasons to do this.  It worked for Phil Mickelson and he is my age.  Dude dropped like 10 percent body fat and looked at least 4 weeks younger.  I need this.  I am sort of an "all or nothing" sort of guy.  Food, beer, spending all becomes a frenzy I can't pull out of.  That is why fasting is appealing.  It offers me nothing.  I can get behind nothing.

If Phil can do it, I can do it.  Be the Phil.  10pm tonight the fast starts.  Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see how it is going or which excuse I use this time for bailing and failing.  I plan to talk a bit more about this in the days ahead so tune in for the why and prepare for spectacular flaming and burning.

Faster than the tasty?