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Counting Down From Zero

Yes, I WILL take another Dew but I am gonna need you to add a Zero, cuz I'm trying to watch my figure.

Let's get this out of the way right away so I can label this a review.  I don't know what sort of witchcraft is going on over at PepsiCo, but this Mountain Dew Zero is Mr. Bombastic.  Nearly all of the taste of dew with none of the gut rot.   Each can takes me on a magical journey.  Just remember this important piece of advice as this blog is nothing if not educational.  Take that little slice of heaven out of the fridge and place it for EXACTLY 11 minutes prior to consuming.  You can thank me later.

Review over.  Oh, by the way...I refuse to believe that Pepsi Zero is in fact Pepsi Max.  Conspiracies abound because it tastes better.

Time to put on my big boy pants.  No, not metaphorically seriously I don’t fit in my pants.  It feels like a tipping point where it will be a lot easier to just let go.  I need only walk towards the light of the fridge and si…

Garmin Alpha Review: Still the top dog?

A review of the Garmin Alpha 100 dog tracker
The underdogs and I like to go places.  Remote places...places no man has gone before.  At least no man not wearing blaze orange.  This means being prepared for the unknown.  The unexpected.  The lost.  This means gps tracking.

The Garmin Alpha is the Thundarr Barbarian of the dog tracking world.  Rugged, a little rough around the edges but the technology it wields may just bring peace in a post apocalyptic world.  This thing opens doors just not possible prior to owning it , and does so while sweating testosterone.  Yeah, I like it just fine.
As a reminder, my reviews are not technical specs or full of scientific testing.  My reviews are about how any given product may fit into or enhance the life of a mid-life fool like me.  There may be a few like-minded souls out there.  The wise ones, I call them.  Those who know to really disconnect, you need* technology.   Those of us battling mortality can often take solace in the distraction of ou…


Just Getting Better With Time

This is Kenny.
Kenny is a Kenwood Model Eleven II receiver.  I found Kenny when we moved into this house a few years ago.  He was stuffed behind a furnace among mouse droppings, three arrows and a wooden christmas tree.
I was very excited to see Kenny.  You see, I love vintage things.  I mean I LOVE old radios and speakers.  I knew he wouldn't work.  I knew he was heavy.  Still...I couldn't help but immediately bond with this kindred spirit.  You see, us creatures from the 70's need to stick together.  With a little TLC we might just prove we get better with time.  
I like to think about Kenny's life.  I mean he probably started out as a shiny newborn looking out at the world from his wonderful view on a shelf...maybe Montgomery Wards or Sears perhaps.  It doesn't really matter, he had his whole life ahead of him.  He was going to work hard and bring a lot of smiles to the world.
I imagine in his prime he served as the centerpiece of … personal battlefield

As you know, madness is like gravity.  All it takes is a little push.
Sorry.  Was away for a bit.  I get it is frustrating. Life without me is understandably hard. 
I needed to punish Google. They suspended my ads for what they termed "clicking my own ads".  I am not sure if that is a metaphor...I am afraid to ask.  I do know Alexa is always listening.

I don't even know why I have ads on here.  I am pretty much my only reader. I guess I somehow clicked an ad that showed up and it was actually kind of intriguing. They must frown upon that sort of thing.  In order to fight back I decided to go on a writer's strike.  
Yes, I know that only hurts my audience but I always have been a little self-abusive.  It was important to take a stand and protect my most important resource:  the reader.  I am all about the reader.  Besides, the ads really brought my blog posts together and it wouldn't be fair to put out a subpar, ad-free product when i can put out subpar product w…